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Do you see signs that your child is not meeting his/her developmental milestones? Do you want to make sure they are developing their speech and language skills as they should? Request a consultation to discuss your concerns and determine if further evaluation is necessary. We will ask you questions about your concerns and have you share any relevant information so that we can make a team decision about the next step in the process. As always there is no fee for a consultation.


If your concerned about your child's developmental milestones, we provide a short screening to determine the necessity for further evaluation. The screening typically takes 30 minutes and an informal evaluation will be used to analyze some information about your child's current skills. Results on the screening will guide the next step in either further evaluation or development of a plan of care.


Often the next step following a screening is an evaluation. An evaluation is a personalized, in depth process to obtain necessary information including an interview of the client and/or the caregiver, formal and informal testing procedures, results and interpretation, diagnostic data, treatment plan of care, and any further recommendations. We offer evaluations for the following: receptive and expressive language, speech sound disorders, augmentative communication and pragmatics.


Following an evaluation, a unique treatment plan will be developed to meet your individual needs. The length of treatment sessions will be a team decision based on the age and needs of the child. Frequency of services will also be determined based on the severity of the communication deficits.


Our client is not only the child, but also the family as a whole. We will provide education to all team members so that treatment strategies and rationales for treatment techniques are understood. We will also provide assistance for families to advocate for the services that are needed across environments. We are available to provide seminars and training to other agencies who work with child client.

Keystone Pediatric Therapy